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memyselfandmaddox said: Hi, have 3 gliders and one of them is sweet and kind and nice and my 2 girls are horrible I can't touch them with being bit and not being let go to where I end up bleeding for ages. I'm looking into finding a new home for the 2 girls and then getting my male a new cagemate. I live in Florida and I was hoping for some help on what to do and where to go. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you.

Hey! do you mind if I ask you some questions to maybe get a better understanding of what might be going on?

How old are they? Did you get them all at the same time? are they fixed? what bonding techniques have you used? How big is your cage?

I don’t know any contacts in Florida really but if you do decide to rehome them I will definitely help you look for a good home.

My male used to be really sweet and my female was very scared/agressive.. as they got older he became much more aggressive and actually ended up eating all the food which cause my baby girl to die. I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. He is still nice but if he is hungry my fingers will feel the wrath. I am always very cautious. anyway msg me back with those questions and maybe something will make sense. It’s always best to not give up. Maybe there is something we can do to help them calm down. :D

Heu guys!

What have you all been up to in glider world? I am back! Chip is doing well and my new girl Pebbles loves him too! I will be posting more pics :D

This girl who I know..who has not even been listening to anything I tell her about gliders even though she asks me..was going to get a glider from Africa but she didnt because she thought it might be a scam…SERIOUSLY that is the first thing that came to your mind? Not the fact that shipping a glider in cargo should be illegal. It can cause them to be so stressed they can die. Plus it just pisses me off that you wouldnt do the research enough to know that there are probably tons of gliders needing homes nearby from people who bought them for Christmas..

I seriously hate people

Unsafe Glider Foods!


I started the list of unsafe foods. It can be seen here but there’s also a link on my page.

For those of you that might want to reblog it:

Here’s a list of unsafe foods for sugar gliders. This will likely be expanded as I (or others) remember things that should be on this list. It should not be considered complete, and you should do research on any item you are uncertain about! Here’s a handy PDF to have, but please note that just because a food is safe doesn’t mean it should be fed to your gliders regularly. (Example: pumpkin. Pumpkin can cause tummy troubles although it is glider safe, and is recommended that you avoid it. Pumpkin seeds are great though!)

Unsafe foods that should be avoided:

  • Chocolate
  • Rhubarb
  • Uncooked lima beans
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Anything with caffeine

And refined sugar really isn’t good for them, like candy and commercial smoothies. I know we’ve all seen those pictures, and no, that’s not alright at all. You can make fresh fruit smoothies without whipped cream for your gliders if you want and I’m sure they’ll love you forever, but a smoothie from Starbucks made of sugary syrup is not glider friendly;)

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lunarl3eauty said: I've been researching Sugar Gliders on and off for the last few years, (i'm totally not ready to have one yet), where do you suggest going to find the perfect little friend for life? I hate the idea that people sell them online and MAIL them to you. I've only seen one in a pet store and that was some 10 years ago when I first became fascinated with them. (Sorry if people ask this a lot)

Hi! I’m glad you are looking into to things. I do suggest getting a glider if you are ready. They are such incredible little creatures and they jump right into your heart. When you say life you aren’t kidding. your life will be gliders.. you can only travel by car or have a friend or vet keep them when you go places. 

I didn’t know people mail them.. I’m feel like that might be illegal actually but i’m not sure. Gliders can die from being too stressed and their little bodies could get seriously injured if put through the mail. I got mine from PPP unfortunately but I would recommend looking online maybe for people who breed in your area *which could mean within a 100 mile radius or more depending on how far you are willing to travel* I would ask the person many many questions and make sure they are selling you a glider that isn’t obviously ill. The only reason I tell people not to get them most of the time is because I know the person or because I know they haven’t done enough research. If you are truly interested just take your time gather items for a while and learn as much as you can :D you won’t regret having a pair if you are ready for them. they will change your life.